Earn Money From Google Task Mate App | How To Get Task Mate Referral code

How to Earn Money From Google Task Mate App : Hello Dear Readers Today we have brought you an important information. Friends nowadays everyone is thinking of making money online,Also there are many ways to earn money online.You just need to know those ways.In today’s article we will talk about one such way of making money online.This online money making opportunity is provided to you by google.Google has released an app that you may have heard of called Google Task Mate.You can earn money from home with the help of this application released by Google.So in today’s article we will know about this application, how to use it and it doesn’t require any skill.

What is Google Task Mate App?

Google Task Mate Before using the application you need general knowledge about this application.In the Google Task Mate App There are some tasks that you have to complete, you don’t need any special skills to complete these tasks.This is the only way you have to complete the tasks using this App as you normally use your phone.Earn Money From Google Task Mate App In which google gives you 15-20 tasks a day for which you get 5-10 Rs.In this way the task completed by Google Task Mate App you get money and when your wallet reaches 10$ then you can transfer that money to your bank account.You may not earn lakhs of rupees per month through this app, but you can comfortably earn around 6000-7000 per month. Earn Money From Google Task Mate App

Earn Money From Google Task Mate App

Through this application you are given some tasks by google for money, which task you can complete and earn money sitting at home.Google gives you two types of tasks viz FieldTask and Sitting Task.There is no need to panic when you hear field tasks, these tasks you have to go to some place in your area.While in Sitting Task you have to complete this task sitting at home.Within this task, the task that takes more effort, you earn more.

Earn Money From Google Task Mate App By Field Task

In Google Task Mate App you have to earn money by completing tasks.Within which is the first field task, within this task you have to upload a good photo of any famous place near your residential area and some more information about it. have to put.Through this task google gives this work to improve its google map so that google map can be improved more.

Earn Money From Google Task Mate App By Sitting Task

Another type of task within the Google Task Mate App is the Sitting task.In this task google can give you tasks like speaking something, writing something, doing something verification etc.You get Rs 5-10 for completing each task like this, so you can comfortably earn Rs 200 a month.

How To Get Task Mate Referral code

This application is currently being tested by Google. By which this application can be used only by certain persons. To use this app first you have to login, you have to use the referral code to login this app.You can get this referral code from your friend who is using this app.This referral code can only be used by three people, if any referral is someone and the code has already been used then you will not be able to use it and if you try then google will lock your account can do. Earn Money From Google Task Mate App

When the Google Task Mate app was first launched, you had to use a referral code to login. But now this application can be used by all people.

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Updated: December 16, 2022 — 8:08 am

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