How to Grow your YouTube Channel | 7 Best tips for Grow your YouTube Channel

How to Grow your YouTube Channel: Hello dear Gpscpreparation readers Today we bring you information about an important information. This information will prove very useful for your business.Friends, thank you very much for reading our articles regularly.

Friends, many friends have lost their jobs and employment after the current corona epidemic.Many friends have lost their jobs due to Corona.Some of them started doing labor and some people turned aside to earn money by doing smart work.

You all must know that online money you can earn good money by uploading videos on youtube.But for that you need to get a good number of views on your videos.So through today’s article we will know that you how to grow your YouTube Channel. Get complete information about.

To make money from Youtube you must first learn how to grow your YouTube channel.Today we will learn how to grow youtube channel.Today we will get the tips to grow YouTube channel.

If you also want to get success on youtube channel then read this article till the end.I have given some secret tips to grow youtube channel in this article by following which you can surely grow your youtube channel well.

How to grow your YouTube Channel

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel? (Secret Tips)

If there is any good platform to make money online in today’s modern and smart world, it is Youtube.Millions of people are making money online nowadays through YouTube.If you also have some skill, you can give any information by making videos, then you can also earn well through YouTube channel.

Before the corona epidemic, there was not so much competition on YouTube, but due to the corona epidemic, many people lost their jobs, so people joined YouTube.In today’s modern times, many people create their own YouTube channel to earn money from YouTube, but only a few of them succeed.

Through this article you will know the secret tips by following which you will be able to grow your YouTube channel well. So let’s know this information without wasting time.

Following This Tips and Grow Your YouTube Channel

I will tell you some secret tips to grow YouTube channel. If you follow these tips, you will be able to grow your YouTube channel well.

1. Title & Thumbnail

First we upload videos after creating YouTube Channel. For that video after uploading the video It is very important to add suitable titles and thumbnails related to the video.Most of you guys are doing mistakes here, they are putting different titles and thumbnails according to the videos, due to which their videos are not getting views and the channel is not growing.

You should not do this, if the title and thumbnail are not good within the video you upload, then the user will not find your video in the search result, which will hurt you, so the title and Thumbnail should be set correctly

So you have to match the title of your video and the main keywords of your video in the thumbnail Title and thbnail should be applied.

Like the main keyword of your video “Cryptocurrency” is So you should title your video something like this “What is Cryptocurrency?”Hope you understand then you should keep your video title like this so that any user search results like this.

The thumbnail of the video is as important as the title in creating a video in YouTube If you want to make your video rank well, then for that you should make your video thumbnail attractive so that every user after watching you thinks that I must watch this video.How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Many people have a question in their mind that how to make thumbnail for Youtube Videos?Thumbnail You Canva અને Pixellab Application You can create these two applications on Google Play Store for free.

2. Video Trailer

You have to make good videos to grow your YouTube channel.Videos that go viral and get good views can grow your channel.

Within the YouTube channel, you should create videos that get good views within your videos.After you have made many videos, after some time you should analyze those videos to see that there is a good watch time in these videos, which are good on the videos of the topic, you should add such videos. should be uploaded due to which your channel can also grow.

To get views after uploading the video on youtube channel, you should keep some trailer in the video while recording and editing the video or you should mention it at the end of the video so that you know it. Users can watch your videos for a long time, which increases the watch time of your videos and also helps in monetization.

If you have seen the videos of many successful youtubers, then in the beginning of their videos, they say their income or how much they earn through YouTube, but those people will tell their income at the beginning of the video. They show their income at the end of the video which keeps the user engaged on their video till the end. You can also use these tips

3. Collaboration with Other Creators

Collaboration is one of the best tips to grow a YouTube channel. Through which you have to collaborate with other creators on the topic that your YouTube channel is on and make videos with them. Due to which both their users and your users can subscribe to your channel.

There are several things you should be aware of when collaborating with other creators on a YouTube channel. For example, if your video topic is online money making and you collaborate with a music video channel, you will get a But it will not be useful so you have to collaborate with the creator who has your relevant topic.

Now many new creators must have this question in their mind. If our YouTube channel is small then who will cooperate with us. So you should collaborate with small creators like you so that you too can benefit.How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

4. Increase Your Channel Engagement

You must know that if your video gets a good watch time, then the views of your video will also increase.But now the question is how to get more watch time and views.

To bring more views to the video, you should make some changes and changes in your video. I have also seen this change in the videos of many creators and I am telling you.

  • To Grow YouTube Channel you must first get more views on your videos. What question should you ask your users within your video and answer it in the comments to get more views? should say
  • You should create videos in which your users can give their different advice. You should say in the video that you comment for this advice.
  • After making a video in the YouTube channel, you have to upload the video. If you like the video then you have to say at the end that comment how you want to see the next video by doing this you You will also get topic and views for your next video.
  • Some people don’t know how to subscribe to the channel after the video you have uploaded is finished, some people have a question in their mind that they have money to subscribe to the channel then you need to know clearly. It must be explained that there is no money to subscribe to the channel. How to grow your YouTube Channel

As mentioned above, if you make these changes within your video, you will get a good watch time.

4. Provide quality content

To be successful on the YouTube platform, you always need to create quality content.Earlier, if you made any kind of video and put it on YouTube, then you used to get good views on that video. But nowadays this has become very difficult now you have to provide quality content for users If there is, then only good views will come on your videos.How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

You should try to make videos to bring good on the videos you make. So that your users get to know and learn something through your videos. You can also create entertainment content Through which users can be entertained.

Videos should always be your own content. Don’t make videos by watching videos of good creators as those videos are already on youtube and you won’t benefit.

You should always try to make videos in such a way that your videos can solve any problem someone is having. Like how to create a website? So friends who want to make a website this You can learn by watching videos. So you should try to make the users learn something through your videos.How to Grow Your YouTube Channel. How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Through this you can also make other different videos like you can make videos on topics like education related, online money making, crypto currency etc.

5. Do Keywords Research

If you have created a Youtube Channel. And if you are confused about what kind of videos to make then you should make videos by doing specific keyword research so that you will definitely benefit.

Inside the Benefits of Growing a YouTube Channel Search results also play an important part. Search results are when a user comes to a video by searching keywords. How to grow your YouTube Channel

As there are users who want to know about crypto currency then directly on youtube what is Cryptocurrency If it will search and show your video further there, it is called quality traffic.

To do keyword research, you can download a Google Chrome extension on your computer or laptop named Vidiq. This Chrome extension is considered the best for all YouTube video creators, from here you can also put tags in your videos.

And one good feature of this tool is that you can create any video from here You can research keywords related to it and also know low competition.How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

What you have to do is put this keyword inside the title and description of your youtube video. By doing this if any users search these keywords. So it shows your videos first.

Final words for Your YouTube Channel

All I want to say in my opinion is that you need to be active every day to be successful on youtube.Create quality content that appeals to your users.There are some new creators who wait to rank by making only 5 to 6 videos and give up when they don’t get any results.You should create at least 40 to 50 quality content to get good views so that your youtube channel can grow well. How to grow your YouTube Channel

You must make at least three to four videos a week to be successful on YouTube. It depends on the topic of your channel. If you can make good videos in less time, you can make more videos Create and you can post a video within a week if it takes more time to create a video. How to grow your YouTube Channel

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