What are the things to keep in mind while taking Insurance?

Most people have an insurance policy. If you have any problem with this policy, then definitely read this. Customers do not know enough about insurance policies, we are constantly trying to help you by providing information on insurance policies. There are lakhs of agents working in India selling insurance policies. Most of them help the customers to choose the right insurance policy for their policy or lifestyle, while there are some who try to sell the insurance policy by misrepresenting the facts due to which they get profit. Insurance buyers should know whether the insurance has been sold to them wrongly or not. We are warning the insurance takers in this news when they are wrongly sold insurance. We are trying to explain you through some examples, so try to understand the following examples systematically.

Insurance Policy

What are the things to keep in mind while taking insurance?

(1) Insurance policy gives better returns than FD

This is often explained to you by an insurance agent but the facts are somewhat different. This is the most common way to sell insurance. The insurance agent tells the customer that the insurance policy is safe and gives better returns than FDs. While this is not true. Life insurance policy firstly gives you protection in case of untimely death. This is the real benefit so that the surviving family members can get the sum insured from the insurer. It is also called ‘sum assured’ security benefit. To give this benefit, the insurance company charges premium from the customer. The customer pays the premium and the company pays the sum insured to the customer.

Apart from the protection benefits, a life insurance product can also have other benefits that can act like savings in case of an unfortunate event. Do not take advantage of insurance from FD. Also do your calculations carefully whether the insurance policy actually offers more savings benefits than FDs. Many agents talk of false returns to show very attractive rates of return on insurance policies. You should be careful with this, keep an eye on such promises of the agent.

For example, ‘You will be paid X-pay premium’. But the total period of premium payment for receiving such payments is not mentioned. Generally life insurance policies are long term (more than 5 years and often for 10-20 years).

(2) Wrongly reporting of the claim.

This thing is more related to health and accident insurance policies. Even while selling life insurance, the agent should clearly state the circumstances under which the claim is not payable and the customer should be aware of the policy. You should know about the rules of the insurance plan you have. For example, if the subscriber smokes and identifies himself as a non-smoker in the form of the application, on his death the insurance company may deny the family a death claim. Such a family cannot get a claim. If the agent has not informed you well, then you need to inquire about your insurance policies.

(3) Providing misleading information about premium

Insurance agents do not discuss the ‘costs’ and ‘duties’ with the policyholder to avail benefits and otherwise give misleading information. The insurer is liable to honor its side of the promises made in the product as well as pay the premium to the customer accurately, on time and for the full term of the policy. It is very important for you to know that if the entire tenure is not completed, there may be charges or deductions which will affect the insurer. Hence the customer should be ready for only the premium amount which is easily payable. If you liked the insurance information given by us, then please do share in social media. Information about the insurance plan will be given soon. Visit this website daily.

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Updated: June 11, 2022 — 9:04 am

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